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Saturday, March 23, 2013

New challenges mean a new (old) career

Well, it's official. As of this afternoon, I am no longer a full-time plumber. I have resigned my position with my Moosomin employer and have decided to strike out on my own.

As mentioned in my previous post, I have had another health challenge; a seizure of a currently indeterminate origin. As a result, I am returning to my journalistic past and going freelance from my home in Moosomin. I will be working with both the World-Spectator and the Whitewood Herald weekly newspapers, but I am also available for business jobs; commercial copywriting, speech writing, letters, business-to-business and business-to-client communications, press releases, etc.

This work will be supplemented by music on a solo basis, with The Old 21, and on a "pick-up" basis. I/we are willing to play bars, restaurants, beer gardens, theatre shows, house parties and house concerts.

There are also plans to record a CD in the coming months once financial and infrastructural resources are made available.

However, I am not totally letting go of the opportunities currently available in the plumbing trade. In that realm, I am willing to complete small jobs, such as sink, toilet, taps, and other fixture installations. I have also developed a relationship with an area contractor to supply and install Carrier furnaces.

So, in all, the last two weeks have been full of challenge and renewal. I am extremely excited about these changes, and hope to have early and sustained success. The support of my wife and extended family has been integral to both my decision making process and my emotional health over the past two weeks. And I'm sure that support will continue in the future. I'll cherish it always.

For now, I will watch my incredibly inspiring kids perform at the Moosomin Music Festival this evening, then enjoy a night out with good friends; a fitting kick off to a new future.

I also hope to help others by telling the story of the path set out for me by my health challenges. I will post my ongoing story regarding the seizure and its origin. Please stay tuned.

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